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nconvert è un interessante utility in grado di convertire file grafici in diversi altri formati.

Il programma gestisce più di 400 formati differenti, il sito di riferimento del progetto lo trovate qui:

per scaricare l'archivio tar aprite un terminale, scrivete:


spostate il pacchetto dentro opt, scompattatelo.

sudo mv NConvert* /opt

cd /opt
sudo tar zxvf NConvert-x86-*

date i permessi di scrittura.

sudo chmod -R a+rwx NConvert
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER NConvert

per convertire un file png in jpeg, basterà scrivere:

cd NConvert; ./nconvert -out jpeg -truecolors file.png

per visualizzare la guida del comando scrivete:

./nconvert -help | more

** NCONVERT v4.85 (c) 1991-2007 Pierre-E Gougelet (Dec 18 2007/13:29:01) **
Version for Linux x86 (X11) (All rights reserved)
** This is a freeware software (for non commercial use)

The JPEG code is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group's softw
The PNG code is based in part on the work of the Group 42, Inc.
This software is based in part on compression library of Jean-loup Gailly and Ma
rk Adler

Usage : nconvert [options] file ...

Options :
-quiet : Quiet mode
-info : Display informations only
-v[.] : Verbose
-in format : Input format number or -1
-page num : Page/image number
-xall : Extract all images
-multi : Create a multi-page (TIFF/DCX/LDF only)
-npcd num : PCD 0:192x128, 1:384x256, 2:768x512 (default)
-ngrb npic : HP-48 number of grey : 1, 2 or 4 (default : 1)
-no# : # not used for numeric operator
-ctype type : Channel Type (Raw)
grey : Greyscale (default)
rgb : Red,Green,Blue
bgr : Blue,Green,Red
rgba : Red,Green,Blue,Alpha
abgr : Alpha,Blue,Green,Red
cmy : Cyan,Magenta,Yellow
cmyk : Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black
-corder order : Channel Order (Raw)
inter : Interleaved (default)
seq : Sequential
sep : Separate
-size geometry : Width and height (Raw/YUV)
Geometry is widthxheight+offset
-l file : Use file as filelist
-n start end step : Begin End Step (for image sequence)
-o filename : Output filename
Use # to specify position of numeric enumerator
Use % to specify source filename
Use $ to specify source folder
-out format : Output format name
-D : Delete original picture
-c value : Compression number (default : 0)
PDF : 1 (Fax), 2 (Rle), 3 (LZW), 4(ZIP), 5 (JPEG)
TIFF : 1 (Rle), 2 (LZW), 3 (LZW+Prediction)
4 (ZLIB)
5 (CCITT G3), 6 (CCITT G3-2D), 7 (CCITT G4) only B/W
8 (JPEG) only 24/32 bits
TARGA, Softimage, SGI, PCX, IFF, BMP : 1 (Rle)
-q value : JPEG/PNG/FPX/WIC/PDF quality (default : 100)
-clevel value : PNG Compression level (default : 6)
-i : Interlaced GIF / Progressive JPEG
-merge_alpha : Merge alpha by using 'transparent color' (32bits)
-transparent value: Transparency index (GIF/PNG)
-transpcolor red green blue: Transparency color (GIF/PNG)
-opthuff : Optimize Huffman Table
-bgcolor red green blue: Background color (for rotate/canvas)
-dpi res_dpi : Set the resolution in DPI
-keepdocsize : Resize bitmap function of the old and new DPI valu
-keepfiledate : Keep original file data/time
-keepcspace : Keep original color space if possible
-jpegtrans op : JPEG lossless transformations
rot90 : Rotate 90 degrees
rot180 : Rotate 180 degrees
rot270 : Rotate 270 degrees
exif : Use orientation EXIF tag
vflip : Flip vertical
hflip : Flip horizontal
-jpegcrop x y w h : JPEG lossless crop
-rmeta : Remove Metadata (EXIF/IPTC/...)
-rexifthumb : Remove EXIF thumbnail
-buildexifthumb : Try to rebuild EXIF thumbnail
-thumb width height : Extract thumbnail
-use_cie : Use CIE Colors (PS/EPS/PDF ghostscript)
-wflag flag : Write flag
os2 : Write OS/2 bmp
gif87 : Write GIF87a
hp49 : Write HP49
-high_res : Load high resolution (Camera RAW)
-ascii : Ascii (PPM)
-one_strip : One strip (TIFF)
-raw_auto_balance : Auto balance (Camera RAW)
-raw_camera_balance : Camera balance (Camera RAW)
-raw_gamma value : Gamma (Camera RAW), default=0.6
-raw_brightness value : Brighness (Camera RAW), default=0.8
-raw_redscale value : Red scaling (Camera RAW)
-raw_bluescale value : Blue scaling (Camera RAW)
-ilut file : Input LUT file (DPX/Cineon)

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